“Starboard”: understand the misconceptions about right-hand drive cars

“Starboard”: understand the misconceptions about right-hand drive cars

Most often from the mouths of skeptics sounds a fear that the main problem will be retraining with left rudder on the right.

In the early 90-ies on the roads of the countries of the former USSR drove a lot of cars with the “right” wheel. Being in the majority come from Japan, RHD cars in great demand. After all, these were real cars. Reliable, comfortable, safe that in all respects beat antiquated and constantly breaking “Muscovites”, “Lada” and “Cossacks”. Of course, today in the vastness of our country, these cars have almost no encounter. Because almost any model with the usual steering can be ordered formally through the dealership, or imported from Europe. But what about those who love to travel, and to take the car to rent? Indeed, in many countries still adopted left-hand traffic (in Singapore, India, Ireland, Cyprus, etc.). So, Willy-nilly, will have to get used to the right handlebar. In reality, to make it not so difficult. Do not believe in all the myths associated with right-hand drive cars.

A matter of habit

Most often from the mouths of skeptics sounds a fear that the main problem will be retraining with left rudder on the right. Indeed, a period of adaptation really is. But it takes a few days. Just to get used to a different location of some car controls (handles transmission, levers, turn signals pereklyucheniya, incorporating optics, etc.). The same applies to the orientation in the transport stream. The main task is to remember that when passing an oncoming lane is on the right and at the roundabout you need to go clockwise, not counterclockwise.

The challenge for the owner

Another misconception is that a driver who is used to driving left-hand drive on the “mechanics”, right-hand drive cars with manual transmission can’t control it. They say, only “automatic”. I can assure you that this is absolutely not true. If a person has enough experience to “handle” him, in fact, still which side is the gear lever. In addition, the arrangement of pedals on a car with right-hand drive standard – clutch, brake and gas. So the case for small – to accustom the left hand to handle a manual transmission.

In the area of special attention

Often, the owners argue that on RHD car is higher probability of getting into an accident. This is due to the fact that the driver of a worse review, but not quite the usual position only exacerbates the situation. However, this is another myth. Overview from the right front seat is not worse than the left. In addition, the driver gradually more concentrated. So, in good faith complies with the distance, careful is for overtaking and not solved at the dangerous maneuvers. And it is clear that such care affects the manner of driving only the best.

Everything in its place

Those who have never driven a car with the right wheel, I sincerely believe that such vehicles are”stripped down” version of the LHD cars with the worst characteristics. However, many manufacturers (Suzuki, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, etc.) produce absolutely equivalent in technical and interior equipment of the model. The only difference is the position. Moreover, for a “home” markets (in Japan, for example) some limited picking off the Assembly line with the right wheel. Therefore, when you travel, there’s a good chance to try yourself as a pilot “pumped” sports car. Why not?

Pavel Kharlamov