“Sms divorce: You’ve won a car”

“Sms divorce: You’ve won a car”

*SMS-Scam “prizes” – how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

To be honest, the title made you off and to click on it? If so – all right, so did the majority. When a man suddenly to announce the happy news – turns on a special mechanism in the brain, certain hormones in the body and focuses on

e positive information. Other cases are sidelined.

Further, according to the portal auto.ria will follow the chain of internal emotional reactions and logical operations, the result of which will determine a person to continue interacting with such

om, or decide that the information is false. Such a mechanism often used by scammers in our case, through SMS, claiming that you have won a prize – the car. The message indicates the phone numbers to call for “prize”, the address of the Internet page of a fictional car dealership, well brand model of the “prize”. Messages are transmitted from special servers for mass mailing, the sender may be specified as a telephone number, and alpha name, which can even include the name of a famous car brand. By the way, earlier we published an article where it listed a Scam website.

These services for emails quite a lot and use them quite difficult. Average throughput of such services – about 1000 SMS per minute. There are also programs that can “pull “a phone number from sites for ads for example, or you can buy a ready base of phone numbers not to pay for SMS sent to nowhere. Next, for more realism Scam creates a web page that is often the site copy one of the existing showrooms or dealers. On this site are replaced by the real phone numbers and address, and the mechanism of mass deception started in the course. The whole “startup”, inclusive of the payment server for the website and newsletters, create fake web pages and phone numbers of the “entrepreneur” goes from 2 to 5 thousand, it all depends on the desired “presentable” project.

After the launch of “the campaign,” the scammer have to do is turn on the laptop “Pig-Peppa” online and expect a callback from those who decided to call and clarify what a prize he had, whether it’s true (the answer is always “Yes, do you won a car!”) and how to receive the prize, if that’s the case. The trick may be “cheaper” – if callback is proposed to make chargeable or foreign number. Yet in the dynamics of music and one hears the voice repeating that “your call is very important to us, please hold” removed from the account of large sums of money for each minute (or even second) conversation.

A variant with larger bets – convince the victim that the car is actually she expects, but in order to get it, you need to produce some legal formalities, which the victim must personally and on his behalf to pay the tax for the prize, in the amount of from 1 to 5% of the value of the car (or rather, depending on the appetite of the attacker). The next step is sending the coordinates of the current account (in coarser version of “divorce” – just a credit card number), where the victim will transfer a few thousand hryvnia. This whole extravaganza (for an injured party) ends, and, unfortunately, all that remains to do after understanding of the situation – is to drink a glass of cold water and try to calm down. And to report the coordinates of the scams in the all-Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers, which will add them to the shared database of fraud. E-mail address VAAID vaaid@voliacable.com. You can also contact the police, but the chances of finding a “throwing” will be extremely small, especially if “the office, handing out prizes” is in the area of ATO, controlled by the Ukrainian side.

The Director General of VAAID Oleg Nazarenko, on his Facebook page reports that:

“No cars none of the real dealers today, no one gives. And drawings discounts or loyalty programs, the dealership may hold ONLY among their clients.”


the easiest way not to fall for tricks fraudsters – ignore the allegations of the fallen on your phone number is the prize car. And other prizes from senders with whom you never had a case, most likely also coming from fraud. All that could end the story with such “prizes” – you will lose the money back will be difficult, or rather impossible.