Seized a “law”: what to do and how to get them back

Seized a “law”: what to do and how to get them back

It happens that the violation of traffic regulations, the police confiscated law.

For example, when drunk driving or for some serious offense – driving on the opposite lane, a significant excess of the speed limit. Well, likely without a license will remain the driver who became the participant dorozhno-transport incident. As they say, to ascertain the circumstances. But the disqualification is not a sentence. Importantly in this situation to find out where to send the document at the time of confiscation, and not to forget to pick up a driver’s license after a precedent will be solved.

For the first time

Taking away rights, a police inspector is obliged to write the car owner a temporary certificate. This is a cardboard “crust”, which is filled in by hand. It specifies the name of the driver, the date of issuance, as well as information about who issued a provisional license. It is important to remember that the validity of such identity, as a rule, is not more than 3 months (although if consideration of the case on administrative violation is delayed – it can extend). Furthermore, losing this document is not recommended, because the procedure for the replacement of temporary rights is not provided.

Full payment

The basis for the return of permanent rights is the judicial decision. For example, if the accident occurred – the court shall determine the culprit, it will result in administrative responsibility, and only after paying a fine he can claim his identity back. Note, however, that, firstly, even paid a fine, but without a court order, law will not return. Second, the court decision shall enter into force only after 10 days. So, the court will have to come back twice: to hear the decision, and then, with the receipt of the repayment of the sanctions, to take the decision.

In a safe place

When all the documents on hand – you can go to the police Department for rights. But, there is one important caveat: at the stage of seizure of documents, the inspectors should announce where they will be stored. Or in the police unit at the place of registration of the car, or in the Central office. In Kiev, for example, in most cases, a driver’s license be in the Main Department of patrol police on the street, 9.

For “exchange” of rights will have to defend the place. Regular, or electronic (it all depends on the region of settlement). The police get the court order and a temporary certificate, and permanent return. The inspector also may check for outstanding fines. If a lot of them – the driver will likely be charged for “visyaki” and only after that give the right.

So, if the police seized the driving license in case of an accident:

  • received a temporary license;
  • waiting for the court decision;
  • paid the penalty;
  • 10 days later received at the hands of the court order;
  • go to the police Department, and in exchange for the decision and the timing right, pick up your ID.

Pavel Kharlamov