Risks of purchase/sale of the vehicle by proxy

Risks of purchase/sale of the vehicle by proxy

Interview with Bogdan avtoyurist Glavcom.

Under the current law, the owner is responsible for all offences that are captured in the automatic mode, said Bogdan Hladik, avtoyurist. Therefore, problems can will appear at those people that sold their car on General power of attorney. The fine will come to the owner of the car, reports gazeta.

“To avoid this penalty it is impossible. Do I need to re-register the car, not to sell by proxy. In addition to fines, there are many other risks both for the seller and new owner. For example, a person who transfers a car to use and disposal under power of attorney, may at any time to cancel. Also the power of attorney expires and in case of death of the person who issued it”, – said Bogdan Hladik.

In our country we need to use European experience, which also features auto locking, but the process of recovery of penalty is quite different, said the lawyer. There in the case of automatic fixing of violations, the owner receives a message from the police and must report to whom he delegated the management of the car or to confirm what was driving it.

“Only after the establishment of the person who drove the vehicle at the time of fixation, such person shall be liable in the order, which involves not a blind imposition of a fine, and a full consideration of the case about administrative offense. Also give an opportunity to the person charged, to get acquainted with the materials of the case, evidence, provide explanations, arguments and take advantage of legal assistance,” added Hladik.