Recognize clunkers: 5 tips when buying used car

Recognize clunkers: 5 tips when buying used car

As dealers are trying to hide substantial flaws of the car.

Unfortunately, a large number of ads about selling used cars coming from dealers and showrooms. And there are often sold cars restored after accidents or serious technical problems. Edition Autodrivingсоставило a list of recommendations that will help huge number of proposals to choose a really worth option, avoiding useless trips to the car to diagnose another avtohlama, according to the portal uazmi.

1. Carefully inspect the body

The body is the most important part of any machine. Repairs can be very costly, so the body examination should be given special attention. To start, go around the car in a circle to visually assess the condition of the paintwork on the presence of various defects. Then look at the gaps between the front fenders and hood, rear fenders and trunk, doors — they all have to be smooth. If the size of backlashes differs, that’s a clear signal that the car had been in an accident. To make sure the body is repainted or not, compare the color of the surface of various body parts with the color of the parts under bonnet and metal under the rubber seals – it should not differ. In the final, inspect the surface of the coat: it should be free of inclusions of particles of dust, debris and stains. Inspection spend only in daylight hours and in good weather, since in poor light or under the rain, many defects can simply not notice.

2. Use a feeler gauge

The thickness gauge is a device that measures the thickness of the material, which is covered with metal. Thanks to this device, it is possible to understand, was it repainted the item, applied if the putty, how serious was body repair. For inspection of vehicles with bodywork made of aluminium, it is advisable to use the more expensive calipers that can work with both the black and non-ferrous metals. The test body using the thickness gauge begin with the roof, pillars and sills. If the roof is repainted and on the desks there is a filler, it is possible with high probability to say that this car has been in a serious accident and he has broken the power structure of the body. If the roof, pillars and sills everything in order, proceed to check other body parts.