Ramna Niva is a cool car tuning in Ukrainian

Ramna Niva is a cool car tuning in Ukrainian

In Kiev at the exhibition “Fishing. Hunting. Tourism” presents an interesting SUV Niva, finalized capital workshop tuning.

In the capital’s international exhibition center from 7 to 10 March, an exhibition “Fishing. Hunting. Tourism 2019”, which presents and interesting SUVs. One of them was Niva VAZ-21213, modified capital the tuning shop. The car was quite old – 1994 model year, but for two years it did literally candy. The most interesting thing is that here all the spars are replaced on the profile tube. By and large, in the bottom of the car was integrated frame.

Held off-road training. Carved arches – put expanders under the large wheels. Modified gear – set pairs of traction, lock the front and back. By the way, this is a tough lock, you can even say unlock.

Interior completely redone – it puts a lot of “urban field”. And even more – here is a hard ceiling with additional lighting, a rearview camera, is “fiatovskaya” box, Parking sensors, radio equipment.

In the car is saturated with foreign cars assembled seat. There is another rear sofa from the “urban field”, a sliding rear window. On the roof, the client wanted the roof rails instead of the standard trunk. The machine has a power kit, under bumper winch, rear bumper with spare tire bracket.

The car is fitted with LPG, modified exhaust system, as in the place where the muffler now is a gas cylinder of 50 litres. The body is treated with a protective coating Raptor – it on plastic, and steel panels. Step is power – this is not a replica, it is a car you can freely pull. Same thing on the front bumper where the front spar is reinforced (wrapped by the “Troika” of the metal). It is also made for pulling with a winch, since it is not always a tree standing in front of the nose of the car.

In this field the emphasis was not on the engine, and gearboxes. That is, the pair is worth 15% more powerful than standard. And the second transfer box, namely the bottom row is understated as Defender 1:3, not 1:2 as the standard car. Thus at lower levels it produces 40% more for the same engine. And since locks are locked all the time – they rasplachivayutsya only in turns, it is possible to go if you have enough power even at idle.

Source: Car Center