Mercedes Benz AMG S65 (2017 July)

photo of Mercedes Benz AMG s65 front view

It’s 2017, and the automotive industries are rolling out new cars with a new design. Recently, Company has released its Mercedes-Benz AMG S65, which is a V12 powered car. The AMG S65 combines a neck snapping and luxurious accelerations, adding high-tech features and safety. The S65 features a turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine, generating 621 horsepower with an amazing 738 Ib-ft of torque. Power is released to its rear wheel, through a seven-speed auto. gearbox, controlled by shift paddles.

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Should Your Teen’s First Car be New or Used? (2017 July)

teen's first car: old or new

You hear the door to your room swing open and find a wide-eyed sixteen-year-old rushing toward your bed, at five in the morning. Yes, it is your teen’s sixteenth birthday, and yes, he or she wants to go to the DMV right now to pick up the driver’s permit. After all the hoops to jump through and insurance costs, the most expensive cost comes to the table: the teen’s first car.

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What Used Car Managers Don’t Want You to Know (2017 July)

CARFAX logotype

Used car managers can be a sleazy bunch, trust me I used to be one! When you meet one of these managers on a used car lot beware. They have an arsenal of selling tools that you don’t even know exist. There are however, easy to remember tips that you can use to protect yourself while shopping for a used car. Today we’re discussing the CARFAX report.

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