Custom car mirrors correctly

Custom car mirrors correctly

Many drivers, buying your first car, you begin to understand that to go about his business at once.

Many will say, what a problem to get in the car, adjust the seat and slightly twist the mirror. Most importantly, the driver does not experience discomfort looking at them. However, if you carefully refer to this issue, you can limit yourself in almost all things.

Properly adjusting the mirrors, you will have a great overview, and roads, and the whole machine. Continue reading “Custom car mirrors correctly” »

Several tips for novice drivers

Several tips for novice drivers

The experts gave tips for novice drivers.

Experts have sounded the perfect automotive tool for a novice driver. They are of the opinion that the owner-to the beginner it is best to purchase the budget version of the new car.

According to experts, the used car will break down more often and inexperienced car owner won’t have in this case to repair, and even if he’ll go to the service centre, it will cost him a lot. Continue reading “Several tips for novice drivers” »

How to save license plates from theft

How to save license plates from theft

In our country there are cases of theft of license plates with cars: how to avoid becoming a victim of thieves.

As practice shows, along with theft, car thieves often have to settle for stealing number plates from parked cars.

In order to help motorists not to get into such a situation, the police urge car owners to follow some rules and to act in what is called the principle of “the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning. Continue reading “How to save license plates from theft” »

How to profitably sell your car

How to profitably sell your car

You can get more money than you expect. It is important to know little tricks.

Let’s say you are going to sell your car. Reasons for this may be many, but regardless of them, the goal is to be one – to sell their car as quickly as possible, and get as much money as possible.

But how to do it properly? Frankly, this is not as simple as it may seem initially. Continue reading “How to profitably sell your car” »

1965 Cadillac Features and Characteristics

1965 Cadillac Convertible

Cadillac produced an estimated 200,000 cars in 1965, one of them being the iconic Cadillac that comes in a variety of models, including the Deville, the Eldorado, and the Fleetwood. Each of them has its own features so finding out more about them can help you decide which one you love best. Perhaps you’re a vintage car collector or you simply love driving a classic car.

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TOP 5 Popular Car Shows 2019

Top 5 Popular Car Shows 2019

For petrol heads, car lovers, and anyone with an interest in the automotive, the USA hosts some brilliant car shows throughout the year. While there are special interest events such as the Grand National Roadster Show and the Back to the 50s, there are also plenty of general events where the emphasis is on selling or swap and meet. Exhibitors include owner drivers, enthusiasts, dealers, and manufacturers, along with purveyors of automotive parts, related items, and collectibles. Some emphasize the “fair” aspect, making it more a festival, while others focus on the business end.
Here are some of the most popular US car shows:

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Old Cadillacs TOP-6

main photo of a review about old cadillacs

Cadillac is one of the oldest and established premier luxury car. The company is more than 100 years old and has built lots of cars starting from 1902 till date. It has managed to put itself on the top list producers in the United States. Here is a list of some of the Old Cadillacs that defines the industry, starting from the 1908 Cadillac.

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