our countryц turned an old Porsche into a spectacular sports car

our countryц turned an old Porsche into a spectacular sports car

Vladimir Tsibulsky from Nikolaev created a very bright sports car. Car immediately attracts attention and it is not immediately recognizable by the old coupe Porsche 924 1979.

Vladimir said that he had decided to buy a Porsche at the end of 2013. At the time he was ready 3-D model of the future car.

On the machine had to work hard, because she barely went and I had to take her to the tow truck. Besides, the condition of the cabin was a sad and a two-liter motor somehow worked with a carburetor from the VAZ-2108. Therefore, a single external tuning is not done – had to completely redo the car.

Under the hood, ordered the engine of Opel Omega 2.0 litre (although Vladimir would like a more powerful motor), mounted and 5 speed manual transmission. Appeared air conditioning, power steering, 18-inch wheels and more modern brakes with ABS.

Once finalized, the Porsche 924 has grown to 4510 mm in length and 1800 mm in width. The body is made of fiberglass, like a torpedo in the cabin.

Lenses in the headlights borrowed from the Mercedes GL, and the turn signals, stop and tail lights – diode. Gill ventilation took from Mercedes W123. All items are carefully and well fitted, so it looks like Porsche 924 well, very effectively.

Source: TopGear