our countryц made from “Volga” GAZ-21 is a true electric car

our countryц made from “Volga” GAZ-21 is a true electric car

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Increasingly legendary “Volga” GAZ-21 be the basis for various tuning projects. Frankly, the result is different – there are instances from which it was breathtakingly admirable, and there are those, on which no tears will not look. It belongs to the first category presented in front of us, “Volga”, made in our country.

Initially, the author of this “miracle” was not going to make a cult car electrocar. The car was bought for private restoration, but, as they say, appetite comes during meal. In the process of working on the car, had the idea to equip it with electric motor.

Thus the engine compartment and got electric 30-kilowatt, which weighs eighty pounds. Top speed is limited to 90 kilometers per hour, as to disperse the 21st “Volga” faster consequences.

This electric car without recharging able to overcome about 85 kilometers, which is sufficient to drive around the city. In the lounge there is a color touchscreen that displays the current status of the battery pack.

By the way, on the adaptation of the “Volga” the author of this idea took no little money. Investment in the project amounted to approximately 25 thousand U.S. dollars.