our countryц Lanos equipped with a system of “autopilot”

our countryц Lanos equipped with a system of “autopilot”

Thus, the “Kulibin” wanted to repeat the feat of the developers of the Tesla.

Ukrainian craftsmen have designed and installed a system of unmanned vehicle control on the ZAZ Lanos. While that is a prototype, but in the next month, the creators promise to present a fully prepared sample.

A new technology called Pilotdrive, the authors are specialists of the Zaporozhye company InfoCom LTD, fakty, writes with reference to own

I. Pilotdrive includes such devices as cameras, sensors, radars and thermal imager. They help you navigate the car on the road. The system will recognize the layout of the road, its width, can navigate in off-road conditions.

The UAV sensors have circular coverage, so he has no blind spots. In addition, the UAV sees road signs, pedestrians and even animals who run out into the roadway. Response of electronic systems of the car to obstacles instant, say the creators.

Pilotdrive has a memory save your life. So, it outputs to a monitor located in the cabin, full data about location, direction, distance, speed at any stage of the motion, real fuel consumption and efficiency of all management systems. Let’s see whether the Ukrainian engineers create a real competitor to the autopilot Tesla Motors.