Options in the car, for which manufacturers must pay the owners of cars

Options in the car, for which manufacturers must pay the owners of cars

In fact, the owners unknowingly are testing new technology?

As a rule, a particular option in the car dealers be obliged to pay, telling the customers about the uniqueness of “DOPA” vital to the car. However, all these stories are nothing more than marketing tricks, and stories about the “bells and whistles” for the most part greatly exaggerated. We say more — in some cases they do not correspond to reality, and sometimes even perform completely opposite functions. For cheating and testing another “chippies” in the car manufacturers themselves is long overdue to pay the owners liquidated damages. Consider a few examples.


Automobile manufacturers do not tire to tell the world about fuel economy, referring to the use of their cars modern technology, in particular, systems Start-Stop. Yes, but for some reason forget to report that real savings “goryuchku” can be achieved after about a 10-second interval since the last motor stop. In traffic such pauses are extremely rare. Therefore, the benefit options that miraculously saves the contents of your pockets, however.
Moreover, the system is harmful for your health! Few know, but the ten largest manufacturers, including FCA, GM, Daimler, Hyundai-KIA, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan, last autumn received complaints from consumers, claiming that if unauthorized operation of engines in cars with Start-Stop there is a risk of poisoning by carbon monoxide, which is full of exhaust fumes.


Moreover, this option often does not work correctly, flashing on the dashboard of a Cup of coffee almost every 15 minutes, so still and did not react to the man actually closed his eyes. During the drafting of the tests we have experienced a dozen machines equipped with magic according to marketing function, where he tried to portray actually falling asleep behind the wheel of the driver, but coffee in the cockpit we so no one cooked.
It would be great if the system was just trying to follow the movements and actions of the chauffeur, and really responded to them. And even better if it was connected during this additional electronic assistants: for example, retaining the car in the lane with a safe distance to the car in front until it stops.


It is considered that the cooled glove box in the cabin is cool. But in fact he names his is not justified. First, it is not a refrigerator, but only the compartment with a tube connecting it with ventilacia; secondly, to put here at least a liter plastic bottle with water in most cases is simply impossible. And even if you succeed, then cool in the heat, it just will not be. Then the question is: why is it needed and why is often it I need to fork out?


Fun to watch as the machine itself selects the Parking space and begins to turn the wheel, but only when I have to constantly maneuvers for the wheel to grab and push on the brake pedal. And not even because purely by instinct it is quite difficult to trust themselves to the car, and not Vice versa, but also because of the uncertain definition of free Parking spaces that meet various sensors and cameras.
At our practice, machines of famous brands equipped with similar features, was trying to squeeze where he refused even a cyclist. And I bet that the owners of these cars used the services of “avtoparkovka” a couple of times — for fun and bragging to your friends.


If you have a machine with no “skin-faces”, you rogue! Maybe so, but in the heat of the seat does not stick Mike and Mike boils the fifth point, and when it’s cold — there’s no risk of being caught bedwetting and prostatitis. Neither ventilation nor heated instantly after clicking your whim will not do. Besides leather coating is quite slippery, afraid of scuffs and prone to cracks. However, because the show-off for us more money!