Not stalled and it moves smoothly! Tips defensive driving in ice and snow

Not stalled and it moves smoothly! Tips defensive driving in ice and snow

Increase speed in the turns and don’t put the cars away from the yard.

New year’s December weather this time, though, and did not become treacherous for motorists, but still managed to bring its own surprises – sleet, snow, temperature fluctuations and, as a consequence, a lot of accidents, breakdowns and just spoiled the mood, combined with lost time.
Meanwhile, with the right approach, the greater part of the difficulties can be avoided, and from winter driving to get only pleasure, enjoying the winter Wonderland through the windshield. The attitude of the driver and manner of driving, and in the technical preparation of the vehicle.
Today we will try together to think about how to drive in this weather most effectively.

The most common accident in winter!

Winter – although very difficult, but by far not the most dangerous time of year for driving. Yes, in the snow and ice the number of accidents increases significantly, but in most cases this stakanchiki (affects only the iron, but also frustrating). However, the most dangerous, according to statistics of the police (according to the number of injured and dead), are summer months. The thing about speed — in the winter, drivers drive carefully, not accelerating above 80 km/hour (and traffic jams do not allow to drive fast), whereas in the summer many people love polihachit. But the typical accident for winter are hitting the pedestrian, drifts on turns/intersections and collision with ahead going car.