New technology protect and enhance the battery life of electric car

New technology protect and enhance the battery life of electric car

Scientists have created a material which protects the battery electric vehicle from aging and increase the duration of the mileage of the car on a single charge.


Today, the design of lithium-ion batteries are considered advanced and is widely used for electric cars and hybrids, however, has several distinct disadvantages such as relatively low mileage on one battery charge (up to 300 km) and a long period of full charge.

Of course you will notice that some companies offer cars with the ability half-hour of recharging to 70% of the battery, however, this method is very detrimental to the battery, besides the remaining 30% comprise almost half of the stroke.

The problem is that, when charging, lithium ions are embedded in the electrode material of the anode, thereby destroying it. In subsequent cycles “discharge-charge” the story continues until, until the destruction of the structure of the electrode.

Scientists at the Stanford Institute has proposed an innovative design in which particles of electrode material will be added to the composite silicon mesh structure of graphite, which not only will not allow the anode to break down, but will increase the battery capacity significantly.


It is also proposed to speed up the charge process without any damage to the battery, to produce a modular “perezalivku” of the electrolyte.