New economical installation instead of the usual LPG

New economical installation instead of the usual LPG

Petrol is expensive, about gas equipment, everything is already said, and the purchase of electric cars – it’s expensive.


When you don’t want to purchase a new car for financial reasons or because of “love” to your pet, but you have to drive, and not a few, the question of economy decided the only way of converting cars into another type of fuel such as gas. However, the disadvantages related to the cost of the LPG, install gas cylinder taking up space, the gas reducer, the problems of cold start, safety, etc. cause many to abandon the idea.

So what to do?

Original and most importantly real and applicable method found the engineers of the University of Salerno. The decision they called “Hy SolarKit”, which combines combustion engines and electric car batteries.


So how does it apply?

It’s very simple:

1. Take any monoprivodnom car with an internal combustion engine, for example with front wheel drive and not change anything in this respect.
2. Instead of drums and rear wheel hubs mounted wheel motor with integrated motor




3. Add Li-ion battery
4. Paste free surface auto flexible solar panels
5. Combine all this with the engine by means of unified control of the control unit.


How will this work?

In the process of uniform motion, the main role will be to run the engine as before, but pressing the accelerator pedal will be connected to the two rear motor-wheels, helping the main engine and thus reducing its wear and fuel consumption. At the same time to charge the battery do not have to stand for hours at the outlet, since the battery recharge is carried out from solar cells and under braking the car.


Thus it is possible to modify any car from 2109 to an expensive car without interfering with the mechanical part, and professionally naclerio solar panels will not look worse styling “carbon”.

However the cost of the kit with installation – 3000 euros…