New design front suspension for trucks Volvo

New design front suspension for trucks Volvo

Recently, even trucks, independent front suspension, because even there important control.


However, as for the Volvo, the handling there is not only suspension, but the new scheme steering gear, however, everything in order.

Suspension. Of course McPherson here to apply failed because stands are great efforts of cantilever bending, but the classic double wishbone proved to be very appropriate. Instead of the usual springs, pneumatic cylinders, and the rest – are all familiar, only bigger and stronger.



Subframe with the suspension Assembly is attached to the frame of the truck due to the side mounting pads.

Steering – rack and pinion with hydraulic booster. “The same as in a passenger car”, you say. In part, Yes, you are right, but the system has an electronic assistant that adjusts the force on the steering wheel depending on speed and ensures easy management without information loss.



In addition, the novelty will compensate continuously and monotonically external loads such as side wind or side slope of the road, not to mention the protection from the “reverse shock” when hitting bumps, sometimes led to the injury of the fingers of the driver, if the wrong position on the steering wheel.