Must have: what you need to take the car on a long trip in the winter

Must have: what you need to take the car on a long trip in the winter

What things and accessories you may need during the winter travel on his car.

The window in the midst of winter, but the calendar – new year and Christmas holidays. At this time, many of us go on vacation, on vacation and just travel. And, not to depend on aeroderivative and train schedules, go on your own car.

What you need first and foremost to bring, in addition to personal belongings that the trip was not an ordeal, and bring maximum comfort and pleasure, even in unexpected situations.


folding shovel

First and foremost, it must bring those who are planning a little drive on not cleared away roads. It can be a trip in an area where roads are covered with snow. The tools don’t take up much space, but it would be nice even if you have a car 4*4.

chain wheel

This fixture oddly enough, sometimes it helps even on those snow-covered sections of roads where completely powerless shovel.

the wires for the “booster”

In winter, the battery of the car receives a tremendous load, because in order to crank the starter in cold weather, it is necessary to give energy several times higher than in summer. And he will be able to charge only after it warms up. In addition, in the winter, we almost always trip, heated glass, mirrors and seats, this means that from a few dozen generated amps to the battery comes only a small part. This situation increases the chances that the charge may simply not be enough to start the engine. In this case you can be useful leads.