McLAren P1 GT has received revision from Lanzante

McLAren P1 GT has received revision from Lanzante

The British company Lanzante at the ongoing Festival of speed at Goodwood (UK) presented a modified supercar Mclaren P1 GT.

It was created by order of a wealthy car enthusiast from the Middle East.

Tuned Mclaren P1 GT even look very noticeably different from the standard version. He has a longer body, allowing the supercar has become more streamlined, more aerodynamic. We used to think that if a car does not need tuning, so it’s a Mclaren P1 GT. Now we have changed their minds. Have Lanzante was a very nice car, we admit it.

The salon also has undergone considerable processing. It matches the color of the body. Materials of the highest class. There are a few new technologies.

Unfortunately, doesn’t say what the motor is equipped with such a supercar. Standard P1 GT has a 3.8 l twin-turbo V8 engine capacity of 986 HP. I Think that the engineers Lanzante his upgrade, so that his power will increase even more (we like this engine in the current state).

Lanzante knows how to Refine even the fastest supercars, so we are not surprised to find tuned Mclaren P1 GT. Previously, the company has altered the racing P1 GTR in the supercar for public roads and established LM P1 as an example of what it means to be a hypercar.