Land Rover vehicles equipped with innovative Bleuetooth-beacons

Land Rover vehicles equipped with innovative Bleuetooth-beacons

The system has received the playful title “reminder for forgetful owners.”

Jaguar Land Rover has decided to equip the crossover Discovery Sport is the newest system which will be able to “keep an eye on the location of” the desired owner of the things or objects. For this system, cars will be equipped with special Bluetooth-enabled beacons Tile.

This was reported on the website carmaker. Using Bluetooth-beacons and installed on the onboard computer app Tile the car will before you travel to inform the driver that he forgot his wallet, smartphone, keys, and any other object that hosts a lighthouse.

If the desired object is lost in the vehicle or in the trunk, then through the app you can enable audio in the desired beacon. According to company representatives, this will allow to save about 15 minutes a day.

That’s how much time, according to the study, organized Tile, spends 64 percent of Brits spend per day on search items. Also the app remembers the last place any lighthouse was in the range of the transmitter of the car, so the driver can always return the lost thing.

Bleuetooth-beacons Tile first appeared in 2014. They allow smartphone based on Android or iOS tracking objects within a radius of several tens of meters (the official communication range of Bluetooth 4.0 is 100 meters). If lost, the smartphone app, the user can click on a button that is hidden in every beacon, and the phone will ring, even if it is in silent mode.