Land Rover has turned into a “bond car”

Land Rover has turned into a “bond car”

In addition the model received a 35-inch tire.

British Automotive tuner Tweaked introduced the draft modifications of Land Rover Defender 90, which was similar to the car that was in the 24th James bond “Spectrum”, informs auto. For the filming of the special SUVs were prepared factory Studio the automaker’s Special Vehicles Operations (SVO), and Tweaked decided to give everyone an opportunity to alter your “Def” in the “bond car”.

For the project, we spent about eight weeks. During this time, developed design, found suppliers and necessary components of, and carried out the installation.

Machine made by the division of SVO for spectre

For SUV developed a new front bumper, very similar to that used on the cars in the film. Also on the car set “livevenue” suspension with increased by 51 mm ground clearance, adjustable Panhard rod, reinforced springs, shock absorbers, tie rods, steering damper.

In addition, the machine has a snorkel, winch, roof rack with optional led headlights, and 35-inch tires Maxxis (the Defender in the film, 37-inch). In the cabin there is leather trim, sports seats, new steering wheel, multimedia system with navigation, engine start button and system of circular video review from six cameras.