Is it possible to save fuel when driving “smoothly”

Is it possible to save fuel when driving “smoothly”

The journalists conducted their own experiment on fuel economy, using a relaxed style of riding.

Here’s a told published one of the journalists, which in my experience is see if you can save fuel by using a certain style of riding, according to the portal auto.

“Within 6 months I go on like this. Consumption below 14 the city does not fall. And any pit stops on the way consumption is not affected. Eats like a horse gasoline!” is one of the first comments to journaliststhe experiment on fuel consumption with smooth and abrupt starts. As promised, it is time to develop a theme. If you are dissatisfied with the expense, think about it: maybe it’s not the car eats a lot, and you do it “overfeed”?

Watch out for other drivers: how often they light up stop signs. You, too, at this point brakes? And maybe, in vain? The secret of low flow is that as little as possible to get the engine going, burning the “fuel”. All you need is to keep the momentum already dispersed of the car. After all, if once again not to slow, it will accelerate. So, spend the excess time fuel.

To strive to ensure that the movement was extremely uniform: less acceleration, less braking. Three key conditions for achieving the goals: prediction, feeling of the car, distance.

Experiment: how much fuel burn fans sharp launches? Journalist figured out how to grow the fuel consumption of fans of powerful acceleration and traffic light races.

1. Forecasting

If there is a “speed bump” or a red light, it is pointless to continue the acceleration, all the same, then slow down. It is better to gradually reduce the fuel supply and gradually slow down. And in the case of the ability to predict the change of the red signal to green to avoid the most wasteful phase of “stop-off”, packetises to an allow signal is already running and just keep moving.

The ability to read the situation and predict events comes with experience. But it is possible to develop if to pay attention to this: for example, many traffic lights are equipped with timers, and the work of other can be calculated via blinking signals, cross direction or “the arrows”. Similarly, with other drivers being able to predict the maneuver of the neighbor in the stream, it is necessary to throttle or Vice versa, effectively to accelerate to stay in uniform rhythm of movement.

2. The feeling of the car

The second situation is when we usually slow down — turn ahead. A lot of drivers light the brake lights (or do it too intensely) even before a gentle bend, not to mention the more tight turns. So at the output they have to re-accelerate, needlessly burning fuel. Their more experienced colleagues are the same area without braking, but also under the concept of “safe”. It’s all in the feeling of the car: good driver, better traction, sees the optimal trajectory, know how to react when you change the clutch coated.

A good example is the inhabitants of the regions dominated by winding roads. There’s even a lady on the old “Golf” or courier diesel “van” ride for the open road so smoothly and seamlessly that a typical Amateur checkers unlikely for them to resist. To develop your sense of the car and overcome the fear of corners, take a couple defensive driving lessons in a good driving school or at least sometimes visit a rental kart. You will be surprised, but the limits of safe riding is wider than it looks. And ceasing to pretoriasouth before turning, you also will save fuel.

3. Distance

That it was all possible, it is necessary to monitor the distance to other cars. Attentiveness and the ability to scan the road for particularly fast and particularly slow movement in General has eased the life of the driver and from those from the other best to stay away.

These photos were taken by the same driver during our tests. The result of gluttonous Cadillac — on a short urban segment of the night. Rest during long-term operation in a variety of modes.

What if the day to go without a “middle”? C the onset of the crisis arose a new idea: let’s cancel the obligatory dipped beam during the day! In fact, headlights — high fuel consumption… or is it?

Many modern cars have advanced cluster where cost-saving drive presented in the form of a game with rewards. In this case, to drive economically becomes even more fun. But if there is no such option, just look at the numbers the average consumption and enjoy reaching another lower threshold. It is possible to judge whether you all do or not. Experiment with your style of riding is not only useful but interesting as well.
Of course, this is not the only way to save fuel. But it is the easiest and most sensible. Because not only does not cause discomfort (such as the rejection of conditioning), but also makes the movement more effective for you personally and for all on the road.

Briefly: 3 reception economical drive

anticipate the traffic situation not perlormance and use momentum, do not promote strongly the engine.

P. S. In the comments to the experiment there were many charges against journalists in the promotion of the slow drive. However, in an argument, mozsgó to note that even when accelerating in a smooth manner, the acceleration was in the experiment an average of no less than the passing cars. Therefore works is not the one who starts smoothly and the one who does it at the wrong time.