Intelligence agencies officially told the owners about the threat of hacker attacks

Intelligence agencies officially told the owners about the threat of hacker attacks

March 17, the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. issued a statement in which he warned about the growing risk of hacking electronics cars connected to IT systems.

Attacks can lead to the shutdown of the engine, brake failure, interception of control, etc. Despite the fact that hacker attacks on cars — is not new, the world’s first such statement from a public authority.

“The vulnerability can be in wireless communication via a mobile device — for example, through a smartphone or tablet connected to the car through USB, Bluetooth or Wi-FI or through a third party device plugged into the diagnostic port” — said in a statement to the FBI.

However, experts declared about the danger of hacking a car almost a year ago, and Wired magazine even conducted an investigation, during which two researchers hacked into a Jeep Cherokey in the distance. This kind of attack can lead to a variety of consequences. In the case of Wired, hackers managed to connect to the vehicle electronics, having control over virtually all systems: from radio to the transmission.

The FBI offers basic protection against burglary:

– continuously update the car to latest version;

– do not give access to applications requesting changes in the code ACCORDING to car;
– do not connect an untested device;
– do not give third parties access to their devices that connect to the car, like a smartphone or tablet.

Specialist in break-ins of cars Chris Valasek (the one who hacked Jeep for Wired) said in a statement to the FBI, there is nothing new. However, the important fact that the FBI drew attention to it, because the organization enjoys a high level of trust among the population. And this means that car owners will be much more careful refers to the possibility of breaking the car IN.

In addition, the FBI is urging all who are affected by such attack, to contact them for information gathering and investigation. In such matters, the FBI cooperates with machine manufacturers and research institutes.

The problem of hacking IN the car reaches a larger scale. After the aforementioned hacking of the Jeep Chrysler had to recall more than 1.4 million vehicles to fix a vulnerability. Along with this e-filling of most modern cars play an increasingly important role in managing cars. Specialists in burglary say they receive many letters from drivers who feel their cars were broken into.

Recall that according to the predictions of Bloomberg Business, the cars are stuffed with electronics and connected to wireless networks, in 2020-ies can become a consumer standard in this area.