Independently check the quality of gasoline

Independently check the quality of gasoline

In recent years in our country, the problem of quality of fuel for vehicles became too relevant.

Often in our country there are scandals because of falsification of gasoline, and even in the capital. And what to speak of provincial towns? There to expect that your car will run good quality fuel is very difficult. We offer a few simple ways to find out how good the gasoline purchased at the gas station.

The first thing you need to do is look at the color of gasoline. Quality fuel is always white without any shades. In the case of even the slightest sign of yellow or blue hue, it is not necessary to fill the vehicle with gasoline.

Other ways a little more complicated and will require additional equipment and materials.

In order to find out if diluted the fuel with water, it is necessary to take a banal potassium permanganate and dilute it in a small amount of fuel. The mix should shake well and see what happens. The presence of a slightly pinkish hue (crystals of potassium permanganate dissolved) evidence that gasoline added water.

To test for the presence of harmful fuel additives, take a sheet of white paper and DAB it into fuel. Then the paper needed to dry and look at it. If the gasoline has left it traces, then the additive still present in its composition.

Check if the gasoline different the impurities, for example oils, resins and many other substances that are harmful to your car’s engine, proceed as follows. Pour a few drops of fuel in clean glass, and then ignite. Once the gasoline burns out, the note on the glass. If you see the remnants resembling soot, the fuel is benzene. If the glass will remain stains of brown, yellow, or orange hue, the gasoline added to the resin. And only if the stains are pure white, the fuel no unwanted impurities.