“In spite of the hijackers”: how to prevent auto theft?

“In spite of the hijackers”: how to prevent auto theft?

How not to become a pedestrian against his or her will.

Rate – sky-high. The price of a new car is a nightmare. A car with a mileage – tolerated, but the sellers want a “hands on” currency. To drive – damn “customs clearance”. To steal? – Hmm… Dangerous, but, according to some “antisocial elements”, this is the fastest way to get “wheels”… or earn imprisonment. But, apparently, the last factor of the hijackers less concerned with social networks in recent days “bursting at the seams” from the census information about the theft of a car. However, the use of thousands of clicks and hundreds of comments of condolence sparse. Theoretically we can assume that the stolen car will catch the eye of someone of the regulars to your friends.

And then what? Not to build a naive hope in the power of social networks, the hijackers have to confront. To make some effort to ensure that the car has become more challenging for the attacker. Because each obstacle is at least taken from car thieves of a second, which, believe me, they “actually” consider very carefully.

So, what really should be done not to join a group of “pedestrians Willy-nilly” in social networks?

Do not leave the car open (with the keys still in the ignition), even “for a moment”, at the kiosk store or at the gas station.

Do not leave documents, money, phone, GPS and any valuables on view in the car – it attracts not only the hijackers, how many petty thieves that may break the window to steal the appetizing appearance of the bag.

For a night or for a longer time it is advisable to Park the car not under the house, and in a guarded Parking lot, with the sane guards and video surveillance. Garage in a good co-op with a barrier and a stern uncle at the entrance is the ideal solution.

Install an electronic alarm system with function of two-way communication (“pager”), secret mark (card or FOB) and siren. The GPS module and the ability to transmit data via the GSM channel (mobile communications) — fun is not cheap, but worth the cost.

In special cases (if your car roads and included in the “risk” is popular among car thieves of models) it is useful to use the services of a company that offers GPS monitoring and satellite security systems. By the way, it will be the rare case when the label of the firm providing such services will not be a “beauty”, and for the good. So a car thief is unlikely to want to deal with, and if they want his chances of “success” are dramatically reduced.

With use electronics and mechanics: in this case, porridge oil not to spoil. Fixed the lock on the gearshift, even the “Pro” takes at least 10-15 minutes, and during this time the electronics have to Wake up any car owner or his neighbors. Additionally, there is a sense to install (if not permanently, then at least for the night) lock the steering wheel and pedals, of course, good quality.

Setup. As it did not want to “punish” the bad driver who continually “cuts” to bring his car under the blow, making other provocative maneuvers – think about it: maybe it’s “podstawski”. They are usually several vehicles to provoke a minor accident. Further, any “take off” with the victim’s money, or using created panic and stress, steal a car that can stand with the included “emergency gang” and key in the lock. It is clear, that advice is easy… However, try not to succumb to provocations.

The seizure of power. If the machine you are trying to take away from the driver by force, “empty”, without a good electronic security is bad. If equipped with a “buzzer” with the telephone channel, and a satellite positioner – excellent.

Give car thieves and take care of your health, now weapons in the hands of unstable criminals more than two hours in the classic Western.

And last: about the incident should be reported to the police. No matter how desirable at the time of stress to feel the support and empathy of “friends”, this is the first necessary step. And social media can wait.