In some cases, the penalty for LPG on a car is illegal

In some cases, the penalty for LPG on a car is illegal

The penalty for LPG – what you need to know when dealing with the police.

The penalty for LPG – this question worries many Ukrainians who travel on the “blue fuel” . Often the owners of the machines on gas faced with the fact that while checking their vehicle inspectors in your hands is the Protocol on administrative violation. But if police are right, even if they find any violations? Practice says no. The company Road the Lawyer said that in some cases the penalty for the gas installation is illegal.

The penalty for LPG

Generally you should start with the fact that the installation of HBO is considered to be a conversion of the car because of the fact this procedure must be recorded in the service center of the Ministry of interior in the data sheet and – hold relevant note (in Accordance with part 2 of article 32 of the Law of our country “On road traffic” and part 4 article 32 of the Law of our country” On road traffic “). And if the equipment was not installed correctly, operate the car is not in connection with violation of requirements of standards, rules and regulations (According to part 1 of article 32 of the Law of our country “On road traffic”, p. 31.3 a and 32.2 b SDA our country). Well, if the driver decided to take a chance and go, then it’s possible to obtain a fine, which amounts to 340 UAH (part 1 of article 121 of the Cao. In case of repeated violation it already shines extra driving privileges for a period of 3 to 6 months.

But there is one “but”. The fact of installing LPG on a car inspector must record in the relevant act of checking the technical condition of the car and not to do it “by eye”. If such document was not drawn up, the penalty would be simply illegal. Although in practice police often violate the procedure of its imposition.

Information for those who wish to install gas

Registration price of LPG

The cost of registering a passenger vehicle is 409 UAH. This amount includes the cost of registration, examinations, computer services and fee for services. Average registration from 2 to 5 hours.

Documents for registration of LPG

  • the passport of the citizen of our country or ID card (original+copy)
  • INN (original+copy)
  • data sheet auto
  • the certificate of conformity
  • the act of reception-transmission cars at service stations while performing work
  • certificate of incorporation of the company (STO), which installed the equipment

Note: after installation of the LPG on the car to the service center of the Ministry of interior need to appeal within 10 days.

Source: Car Center