In Europe with the wind: how not to ruin a trip abroad on own car

In Europe with the wind: how not to ruin a trip abroad on own car

The journey by car is always an adventure. Through the window of the plane you will not see another country in such detail and in detail how it is possible to study, going abroad by car.

In addition, drivers will not lie, that with proper organization of the trip fuel costs will be much lower than on flights and transport within the state (in this case we are talking about Europe). Plus, after a “wonderful” Ukrainian roads driving in Poland, Austria or the Czech Republic will be an incredible pleasure. At the same time, the journey is fraught with surprises, and not always pleasant. Therefore, the journey by car is necessary to thoroughly prepare. In particular, and to the possible troubles that await on the way.


Driver’s license and registration (in addition to the foreign passport with a visa, of course) – not a complete set of documents that you need to take with you. Necessarily the existence of the policy “Green card” (international counterpart of “avtograzhdanki”). Without it, the car simply will not let out of our country. In addition, some European countries still need to carry an international driving permit in addition to national. It may be required in Albania, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands. By the way, if the car loan, it is advisable to get help from a Bank that does not prohibit the departure of a vehicle from outside of our country.

Technical condition

Very not recommended to go on a long journey on the defective vehicle. And abroad – even more so. Likely the guards will block the entrance of a car with a broken windshield, broken headlight, a blown brake light and turn signals, with serious external injuries. And Yes, so beloved by Ukrainians tinted in Europe, too, is non-grata. With the front side Windows it will have to be removed completely. Rear window tinting is permitted, but to her, the police can complain, if it is impossible to consider who and what is in the cabin.


To the “packaging” of the car in Western countries also impose strict requirements. First of all, to the availability of parts and accessories needed in an emergency. In the car must be a warning triangle, reflective vest (without it in any case can not go during a stop on the track!), fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare wheel with mounting kit. In addition, there is advice to take a spare light bulbs in the headlamps, marker lights and turn signals. On the road anything can happen, and if the headlight or brake light will suddenly burn out, and replacements for them will not be police in the case of stopping the car will write you a big fine. It can reach 100 euros. At the same time, with him it is prohibited to carry fuel cans, and use a DVR. In some countries a fine even if the logger is off and just lying in the glove compartment.

Go and do not violate

Unlike our country, violation of traffic rules in Europe are quite severely punished. Yes, in principle, the road rage is a sign of bad taste. The penalty for unfastened seat belt is 50 euros and above, for talking on a cell phone without a headset – from 60 Euro for running a red light and overtaking violation of the rules – from 150 Euro, for included in clear weather the fog lights/the included running lights or dipped beam from 100 euros. And when speeding wallet “tourist” and all can lose weight more than 600 euros. And wriggle out of paying will not succeed because of outstanding fines traveler simply will not be allowed to leave the country.

Pavel Kharlamov