“Humpbacked” Zaporozhets has been insane tuning

“Humpbacked” Zaporozhets has been insane tuning

The model ZAZ-965 often becomes a “victim” of alterations. But this instance is something!

What fantasies do not come to the head masters and craftsmen. That only is “Zaporozhets”, the dynamics are not particularly inferior to the Bugatti. Here is another very unusual instance of “hunchback.”

A cult Soviet car was equipped with chrome grille, extended fenders, lights from the 124-th “Mercedes” and wing. The body was two-tone black and white color.

No less surprise there, if you look in the salon of this “Zaporozhets”. The car received a completely new dashboard, steering wheel, unexpectedly, there was even a hatch in the roof. And how do you mix inserts, simulating the color of the Zebra, and red skin?

In motion black-and-white “hunchback” is an engine from a newer model ZAZ-966. The motor is able to develop the capacity of 27 horsepower.

Tuned for my “beast” host wants to help only one thousand American dollars.

Source: TopGear