How to wash car floor mats

How to wash car floor mats

Whatever expensive car was not luxurious and presentable appearance of its interior spoil the dirty floor mats in front seats. From dirt, dust, stains and other troubles will save only a regular cleaning of car mats.

If rugs are given sufficient time for cleaning and washing, then this car accessory not got the attention of the owner of the car.

Dirty rubber mats in the cabin is not just spoil the internal environment of the machine, but are

om diseases for health of the person. Even with the most careful use of rubber mats get dirty, and they constantly collects the sand.

This car accessory is most susceptible to dirt, since after every landing the passengers and the driver on the shoes brings from street sand and other dirt, and in inclement weather it stays on the Mat much more.

The situation with purity is exacerbated if the vehicle is traveling Pets and children. The only way to keep rubber mats clean is regular cleaning. Here are two possibilities: either you commit this “mission” professionals or doing it all yourself.

How to clean car mats?

On average, cleaning rubber mats is from hour to hour. The procedure is performed outside of the car, so the mats are removed from the salon. Special types of rugs can be washed in a regular washing machine, and other cases, manual cleaning. After cleaning rugs should be thoroughly vacuum the vehicle’s interior. This should be done carefully, paying attention to the places under the seats, the space between the front seats and around the pedals.

For cleaning use special cleaning foam or detergent designed for cleaning carpets. If specialized cleaners on hand was not, you can prepare a solution by yourself. To do this in hot water pour a quarter Cup of vinegar and one teaspoon of detergent without content of bleach.

Next, a homemade solution or a special agent sprayed over the entire surface of the Mat so that it does not wet through. When the medium is applied in sufficient quantity, the Mat is wiped with a sponge in a circular motion.

Then the product is left for 20 minutes, the substance had an effect on the Mat material. After will only promacot to the surface with a dry cloth or sponge to remove excess moisture. Carpet clean but still a little humid. To dry leave it for a day in the car with the Windows open.

How to remove stains from car mats?

How would carefully not use the car, the mats will appear spots of various origin. Naturally, they need to be removed to preserve the integrity and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

To remove stains on car rugs use specialized products to remove stains, designed to solve this problem. A small amount of such funds applied to the stain before cleaning the carpet. Since the origin of the spots are different, the approach to cleaning it is necessary to apply suitable.

In addition to industrial tools, to remove stain on the car Mat you can use other no less effective means.

With most types of stains on the rug quickly white vinegar. For cleaning a soft cloth moistened in white vinegar and gently applied the liquid to the stain, then place promatyvaya dry cloth or tissue.

Another effective means of coping with stains on car mats, it is a hydrogen peroxide (3%). However, when applying this tool need to be vigilant, as active ingredients often leads to fading of the material.

To avoid this pre-check the action of the peroxide on an inconspicuous area of rug, for example, in a hidden area. Most effective hydrogen peroxide removes stains of organic origin, for example, blood.

Little tricks

Means for cleaning of glasses to cope with particularly stubborn stains, a stain from spilled paint removes hair spray. Often appear on the carpet stains from grease. They are removed using paint applied in a thin layer. If the stain is formed from a product containing alcohol, it must be immediately withdrawn and thoroughly washed with water.Stains from car mats you want to display before cleaning or after cleaning the rug with a vacuum cleaner.

Many practice removing stains while brushing. As you can see, clear car mats is not difficult if you have a small amount of time and the necessary cleaning products. This procedure is easy to do at home, repeating it at least once every six months. This will allow you to keep the car interior clean.