How to save the car from fraud and reduce the risk of theft?

How to save the car from fraud and reduce the risk of theft?

To hijack or steal a car, the attacker is not necessarily to use the lock pick, or crowbar to smash Windows. Technological progress allows you to get inside the machine without increasing vandal acts of abuse.

Swindler is enough to buy a special scanner or code grabber that intercepts the radio signal from the transmitter, and select the object for theft. Everything else – business equipment. Therefore, the car owner must be alert, and try not to expose the car, and himself of the danger.

The scheme of theft

  • Generally, car thieves are working somewhere public. Near the supermarket, near the sports clubs, business centers, markets, parks and other places of a mass congestion of people. This simplifies the task, since the crowd is easy to get lost, and not to attract attention. Besides, when around the curb, parked dozens of cars, people scurrying about one of them, will not cause special suspicions.
  • Victim stalk a few people. After the motorist was parked, say, near the store, the criminals they catch the signal from the FOB that activates the alarm, and thus gain the ability to open/close someone else’s car.
  • Then one of the attackers follows the victim, the other goes to the car and checks the situation: there are no car people or animals, too, do not lie whether on view valuables, etc. and the Third is on “alert”.
  • If the thief who follows the unlucky motorist is commanded to act, the accomplice opens the scanner in a car and follows the plan – “cleans” the car, bringing all of it valuable, or just stealing. And all this is happening in a matter of minutes.
  • The most cynical that if the car is not stolen, the thieves intercepted it close with the key FOB signal. In the end, the owner of the robbed car, at first you might not detect the loss of belongings, money, mobile phone, and criminals thus win time and Time to escape.

How to protect yourself?

  • The main rule – do not leave on view valuables. A better – nothing at all. Max a bottle of water or Cup of coffee. Criminals are attracted to any trifle, and saw in the salon something similar to a bag, mobile phone, laptop and even a Bank card, they may attempt to get into the car.
  • Ironically, another effective way to avoid the robbery of the car, leaving it unattended, just close to the key without arming (though I’d say it makes sense to do when in the car installed a cheap alarm system). Most likely, the thieves will not break the lock, and find another victim.
  • Not to leave the car in unfamiliar places for a long time. It is better not to regret 30-50 UAH, and find secure Parking. Yes, she also does not give a 100% guarantee of protection, but it’s better than leaving a car somewhere on the roadside. Especially at night. Because at this time there are more burglaries and thefts.
  • To install on the automobile with modern security system. The fact that the burglary most often exposed to the simple “signaling”. They have a very low level of encryption, whereby the impulses sent by the alarm, are easily discernible. System with so-called dynamic code, as well as the GSM system, show much harder. And equipment to intercept their signal worth thousands of dollars that not everyone can afford.