How to save car fuel

How to save car fuel

Gasoline prices are not encouraging, so we offer you 10 tips on how to save fuel in your car.

1. Consider the situation on the road. For example, if you start at the green light you accelerate sharply, or when approaching a red light brake sharply, you fill the car you will have more often.

2. Try and road conditions to predict in advance.Do not warm up the engine while stationary. This will reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, but will also reduce the appetite of your unit.

3. Turn off your engine even during short stops. If you are afraid to spoil the starter due to frequent starts, do not worry. Starter motors of modern cars can withstand thousands of spins.

4. Try to avoid driving at high speeds. Fuel consumed the less, the lower the engine speed. Shift gears as possible, as quickly as possible.

5. Activate the cruise control. This is the most economical method of drive on highways.

6. Adapt your style of driving under the terrain. For example, if you’re on hilly terrain, make sure that during the descent the machine attains the required speed and the maximum torque before you start the upgrade.

7. Consider the tire pressure. The less inflated the tires the more fuel the car consumes.

8. Get rid of “ballast”. No need to carry a load which is not necessary. Each hundredweight “unnecessary baggage” is about 0.7 l of fuel, which is consumed at a distance of 100 kilometers.

9. Do not carry Luggage on the roof. For example, if you carry cargo on the roof of the car, it will lead to an increase in fuel consumption of approximately 1.2 times.

10. Do not use conditioner. Functioning air-conditioning system increases fuel consumption by 2 liters per 100 kilometers. It should be noted that driving with open Windows brings in an even larger waste of fuel than the air conditioner. So try to avoid it.

Follow these rules and let your fuel tank is always full.