How to recognize a mileage car

How to recognize a mileage car

How not to allow to deceive itself with the value of the car mileage?

From the present mileage of the car depends often not only the state of the machine, but its pricing. How to know the real mileage of the car, and not to be deceived enterprising dealers of the secondary market?

Of course, at first glance, the answer is plain – look at the odometer (electronic or mechanical) and you will be happy, auto.ria. But not so simple. There is a simple arithmetic pattern in a big city the average motorist in a year runs about 20 thousand km i.e. 5 year old car may have a mileage of 80-120 thousand If reported odometer readings are significantly less – there is reason to doubt. It does not mean that the owner of “conjured” over the data on mileage, and not to believe all stories about “car grandma” (moms, women) to travel only on the weekends in the supermarket, too should not. Anything can happen.

Why and how “rolled” the mileage?

Reasons for change the mileage might be several. Most often underestimate the distance covered, the car seemed fresh, and, accordingly, were higher than those of analogues with high mileage on the market. But there are cases where the “craftsmen” and add a ten-second thousand kilometers. This is done when the “Shine” expensive scheduled maintenance (100, 120, or 150 thousand km, etc.) so it’s easier for buyers to believe, they say, the procedure has already been done… rumor has it that the mileage to twist only on cars with a mechanical odometer, but it’s not – change the numbers on the instrument panel in any car, without exception. If the odometer is mechanical, the cable on the actuator is detached from the gearbox and twist in the opposite direction with specially adapted electric motor, or improvised tools (often a drill). So for 2-3 hours it is possible to lose 30-40 thousand km away. If you remove shield of devices, the numbers can rotate manually, which is faster, but the process of disassembly/Assembly more time-consuming. If the odometer is electronic, then erase or change information from the memory by using the connected to the cars computer with a special software equipment. A more radical case is the replacement circuit Board in the instrument cluster, and a temporary way – removal of the fuse which is responsible for the odometer.

How to calculate a hoax?

On the original and not skryvavsheysya mechanical odometer all the numbers are placed exactly on the same line. If you have any doubts, you can explore the area of cable mounting the speedometer drive on the transmission. In the presence of fresh tracks of dismantling you will receive a reasonable cause for serious doubt about the honesty of the seller. If the electronic appliance, independently calculated fraud “by eye” will not succeed. Best to go to the official service, which experts will not only test the ECU (although the latter does not always shows the erasing of data), but will monitor the presence of interference in charge of the dashboard. Indirect signs of big mileage include worn pedals, worn leather steering wheel and driver’s seat, shabby cabin upholstery and rubber mats. But all of these decorative elements you can change and hide the deception. But badly worn brake discs, a large number of chips on the hood, the discrepancy marking the windscreen and other glass to notice, and much harder to fabricate. Paint, its brightness, fading and other qualities are not mileage markers. Machine in a cab for a year easily accumulates more than 150 thousand km, with a good driver can look “perfectly well”.


Checking the veracity of the mileage of the car is challenging, but necessary. It will allow in the future to avoid unnecessary and unplanned expenditure on maintenance of the purchased car. If you are plagued by doubts and even the independent experts or the company’s stations they are not dispelled, to buy a specific instance should be abandoned.