How to protect car from road reagents

How to protect car from road reagents

Winter is a difficult time for the motorist and for the pedestrian.

It is necessary not only to strengthen attention to the road, but also to think about the protection of shoes and car from the effects of reagents. How to do it, tell specialist company for the sale of de-icing product GK “Mole” Eugene Kryventsov.

How to protect your car from the reactants

In the winter on sidewalks and roads crumble icing means, which adversely affect wheel and the car body. In order to protect your vehicle, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • Before the onset of winter it is necessary to conduct anti-corrosion treatment of the body. Special attention should be given different damage.
  • Install the fender liner. They will protect one of the weakest parts of the body, which often suffer from corrosion.
  • Before the cold weather should be treated with polishes the paintwork of the car. They will help create a protective layer, and will overwrite any cracks and chips.
  • Winter often necessary to wash the car. This is particularly recommended after heavy snowfalls and icy conditions. However, washing a car is only recommended for car washes that will effectively wash away dirt and chemicals.
  • In the winter time at least once a week is recommended special tools to wash the headlights, rims and tires. Because of the impact of the deicing agents of the headlights get dull, wheels covered with corrosion and rust, and the tires are covered with microscopic cracks.
  • Also it is recommended to store vehicle in garage, temperature in which should not differ by more than 5 degrees from the temperature outside. As you can see, to reduce the impact of anti-icing agents, the car is quite simple, if you really care for him.

How to protect yourself from the reactants

De-icing agents negatively impact not only the car but also on the shoes. Even if a person needs to pass a few tens of meters from the car to the office or home, the shoes risk. To protect her, try to stick to simple rules:

  • Before you leave home treat shoes with a water repellent cream or spray.
  • With the passage of the sidewalk try not to be the focus in the snow at the roadsides, as well as puddles and snow mush.
  • Before entering the house photopsias in the fresh snow.
  • After coming home it is recommended to rinse the shoes under cold running water. The warm water enhances the chemical reaction.
  • To dry shoes only by using paper. Never scrape the snow from the car and shoes in hand. If touched the snow with the reagent, wash your hands thoroughly. If a long time sitting in a traffic jam, don’t open the window, so as not to breathe the fumes of snow, the reactants and exhausts of cars.

The implementation of these rules will allow you to protect yourself and the car from the negative effects of anti-icing agents.