How to protect car from heat

How to protect car from heat

Summer high temperature and ultraviolet radiation can damage not only the body but also the interior of the car.

If the vehicle is too long to stand under the scorching sun, the paint of the auto fade and the dashboard can crack. We offer five tips on how to avoid this.

Protect the body from ultraviolet radiation

To protect the paint from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the back of the machine it is necessary to apply the usual wax. It prevents fading of the coating and also protects from bitumen, which fall on the body in the summer.

Remove dust from the cabin

In the heat the pores of the skin dilate, and there can get dust. As a consequence, this can result in dermatological diseases. Do not forget that dust is also harmful to breathe. In order to minimize the amount of dust that gets into the car, you need to regularly change the cabin air filters and clean the ducts.

Do not leave in salon deodorants and lighters

The heat from the car interior can heat up to 60 – degrees Celsius. This high temperature may cause explosion of the tank with gas, and as a result, cause a fire inside the car. The most dangerous place to store lighters is the instrument panel.

Diagnose the cooling system

Small defects of the cooling system can become more significant with increasing temperature. In summer, the motor cools more slowly even when it is off. So you need to Park the car in the shade when the engine reached the “red zone”.

Use shutter from the sun

Through the windshield the sun can heat up the dashboard to such an extent that she may crack. Panel black color will heat up faster. Reflective blind will not heat up the vehicle interior and protect the inside equipment of the car.