How to prevent overheating of the engine in heat

How to prevent overheating of the engine in heat

Blame the water, “non-native” antifreeze and negligence of the driver.

In the period of summer heat is hard not only people, but their iron horses: car engines are forced to work in conditions of high load. In this case, the greatest responsibility falls on the cooling system — after all, it is now necessary to cope with the high temperatures, reports segodnya. But sometimes it is not possible, and it happens to overheat. It’s not just boiling fluid and creating a traffic jam if the car had to stop. This is a serious failure that requires “treatment” by experts. Now the master minders of the whole queue of those who are allowed to overheat regularly. Repair in this case is very expensive. “Today” figured out what to do to prevent such situations.

How does the cooling system

To understand the operation of the cooling system of the engine is very simple — it consists of just a few components. Knowing its structure, it is possible to monitor her condition and, if necessary, to diagnose possible problems on the way.

Radiator. In this liquid is cooled by the flow of oncoming air.
Fans. They pump air to the radiator, if the counter is not enough for efficient cooling. Triggered when reaching a certain temperature, i.e. when the engine starts to overheat.
Thermostat. A device that opens the coolant path to the radiator when it reaches the desired temperature. While the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed, to warm the fluid and you can quickly start driving.
Pump. She’s the water pump. Provides movement (circulation) of the fluid in the cooling system.
Pipes. Connecting hoses.
Expansion tank. It gets fluid from the radiator at a pressure of, for example, from the expansion in case of overheating.