How to identify broken machine parts in the cabin

How to identify broken machine parts in the cabin

When buying a used car need to be especially careful, because there is a risk to buy a car that has been in an accident. In salon of such car there are always certain signs.

First of all, when buying a car on the secondary market please note that was previously the airbag on the steering wheel. It is possible to define the color of the material and the marks on the bolts.

In addition, you should alert a sealed or tied with a leather front panel. It can also indicate a past accident. However, often traces of repair the front can see only a specialist.

After accidents sometimes change seats. Look at their fixture. Perhaps there you will see traces indicating that the seat changed.

When buying a used car you need to look closely at the glass. If they are different from each other, ask why they changed. After the accidents almost always change the glass.

Also after accidents often change the plastic parts. Carefully inspect them. Please pay special attention to their mounts.

Sign of involvement of the vehicle in an accident are elongated or poorly functioning seat belts. Tag with the date of issue of the belt should match the car.

Experienced drivers know that the threshold in the driver’s seat eventually appear abrasions. If the car is old, and scuffs on the verge near the driver’s seat there, then, apparently, it means involvement in an accident.

In the cabin on closer inspection you can find signs indicating that the car had been in an accident. Buy it, of course, is not recommended.

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