“How to help your car survive the heat”

“How to help your car survive the heat”

For Ukrainian car owners, there comes another busy season, after all, in the country, after several cool days, the heat comes again.

+ 30°C and above — threat temperature: because of her brakes may fail to burst the windshield, and even explode a canister of fuel. Find out how to protect the car in the heat.

How to protect the body?

It is not strange, but in the summer the car body most in need of additional external protection. The simplest, but least resistant coating wax. Today there are much more reliable methods to protect the body from external influences. This so-called Teflon coating, and other coating capable of resisting even the small branches of trees, and protecting body from one to three years.

Recently, good demand and protection of the body a special transparent film. It resists minor damage, well polished, and well protects the external surface of the vehicle up to 5 years or more. It is a pleasure not cheap, but comfort can serve as a great presentation of the car.

In addition, it is recommended that regular car washing. First, clean the paint surface better reflects sunlight. Therefore, less paint fade. And secondly, contaminated surface burns evenly.

How to protect your salon?

Insulated glass invented specifically in order to protect the vehicle and its passengers from overheating and harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Self-toning is also an option. However, if you’re experienced and will be able to carefully do that.