How to get a refund on the insurance

How to get a refund on the insurance

The accident is undoubtedly a nuisance, but clearly not a sentence.

Besides, the car in most cases can result in “feeling” and repair. And the loss to the victim will cover the insurance company under the policy “avtograzhdanki” hero that will save you from unnecessary spending. The only question is how to get paid quickly and without delay. And to make it quite real. The main thing is to act according to a specific algorithm (tested on the author’s personal experience!).

No need to wait

Insurance indemnity under a policy of compulsory third party liability insurance (CTP), usually paid only by court order. It’s even spelled out in the legislation. But the trial, as you know, you can wait a very long time. Weeks and months. Therefore, a bona fide insurance companies often agree to compensate the damages to the injured party even before the start of the trial (in this case, it’s not about the “europrotocol”, namely about the accident, decorated with police officers). Importantly, to satisfy several conditions: evidence of fault of either party, the lack of damage to the life and health of participants of the accident, a small amount of loss (conventionally, up to the equivalent of 1 thousand dollars).

We declare once

On the accident without delay to notify the insurance company, having made a call to the hotline. Moreover, it should do as a potential culprit, and car owner, consider themselves victims, calling your insurance company. Just in case. Once at the place of accident was visited by the police and recorded it, the injured party is sent to the insurance company of the culprit, and submits the required documents. At the same time, with representatives of the insurer immediately to discuss the possibility of receiving a payment without a trial.

Examination – a delicate matter

Taking from the victim is required “paper” (questionnaire data a car and its owner, a description of the circumstances of the accident), the insurance company representatives inspect the vehicle. First of all its damaged parts. And we must be careful to ensure that the vehicle was cleared of all “assault”. Otherwise then it will be very difficult to prove that the dent is received in accident, and not due to bad Parking. Further information about the damage is sent for examination, and evaluated the resulting losses, and also determines the amount required for the elimination of unpleasant consequences.

The healthy choice

Within a few days the insurance company decides on the payment (it may happen that the insurer deems guilty of the second side is insufficient, and then without trial is not exactly necessary), and gives the victim the car owner expert report with reimbursement amount. If it suits the sounded figure the payment is made either in cash or into a Bank account.

The only caveat is that the amount of compensation received under the scheme may differ from that which would be paid by the court, as the company calculates at the average market rates for auto recovery. At the same time, the difference is usually small and amounts to 5-10%. So you need to decide for yourself what is more important: “money in the morning” or “evening chairs”.

TOTAL: to get a refund on the CTP in a short time, you must:

Immediately the scene of the accident to report it to the insurance company;
To ensure that the police properly recorded the circumstances of the incident that will help to determine the culprit and the victim;
Promptly submit to the insurer of the guilty party the required documents and submit the car for examination;
To coordinate with insurance damages and write a claim for payment.

Pavel Kharlamov