How to exchange your old licence for a new

How to exchange your old licence for a new

Answer questions of our readers.

Autoblog readers are often interested in what documents do I need to swap the old licence for a new one. Tell in order.

Exchange of driver’s license is governed by the requirements of the Regulations on the procedure for issuing driver’s licenses and admission of citizens to management of vehicles, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers from may 8, 1993 No. 340.

In accordance with paragraphs 25 and 27 of the regulation driving licence issued before the entry into force of the Law our country on September 24, 2008 № 586-VI “On amendments to some legislative acts of our country for the improvement of regulation of relations in the sphere of ensuring road traffic safety”, can be exchanged for new without exams.

In accordance with the requirements of paragraph 28 of the Regulations of the exchange the driver’s license is irrespective of registered place of residence or stay of the person subject to the submission to the territorial authority for the provision of services of the Ministry of interior:

  • of the passport of the citizen of our country or of the document certifying the identity and confirming nationality or special status;
  • copy of certificate of registration number of taxpayer’s record card (in its absence, the relevant databases of the Ministry of internal Affairs) or the series and passport number (for individuals who because of their religious beliefs refused adoption of registration number of the payer of taxes, reported it to the appropriate controlling body and have a stamp in the passport);
  • driver’s license;
  • medical certificate of the established sample.

Here’s how prokomentiroval this information V. Crickley of directro service center of the Ministry of interior: