How to drive on bad roads

How to drive on bad roads

A few simple tips for Ukrainian drivers.

Each driver travels on a dirt road, whether it is a road to the cottage, in the woods or somewhere else. On the road, which has no covering or covered with gravel, soil can not ride the same as we drive on asphalt, we need to consider some nuances to preserve Your car and increase the speed of the passing obstacles. Now we’ll show you how to drive on bad roads. On a dry dirt road to go is not difficult, just need to constantly work the gas and brake pedals, as well as actively rotating the steering wheel, going round large hole.

When outside is raining and the road blurred everything becomes more complicated. The car on this road all the time will aim to get back on track, which can be very deep and appears likely to put the car on the bottom, then move the vehicle without further assistance will not be possible, so try to go between the ruts.

If there is a section of road covered with water, it is necessary to pass the course, even if the car has stalled it, it should push forward.

If You met a road that is covered with gravel, it is necessary to consider one feature: the car should drive with a speed of either 30 km/h and less than, or greater than 80 km/h At speeds of 40-60 km/h creates excessive vibration throughout the vehicle that increases the load on the suspension and on the performance of the whole machine as a whole. Also when driving on a bad road ride in the tracks of vehicles that went through it earlier, this will reduce the risk of wheels falling into the pit.

Also on a gravel road is constantly flying stones from the wheels of oncoming cars, to ensure that the stone came to You in the windshield stay as close as possible to oncoming vehicle when passing with him.

If You eat on the road with bad pavement where there are permanent pits, ride slowly, or pits with sharp edges of asphalt can damage the tire, some pits better to go around on the shoulder.

Sandy sections of the road have to pass as well as the puddle, a little speeding, but you should push the gas all the way, with excessive slippage You will only aggravate their situation.