How to choose a passenger van?

How to choose a passenger van?

Passenger van is a vehicle of length 5 meters is designed to transport people. Capacity comfortable salons ranging from 5 to 15 people including the driver. They are widely used for commercial and private transport within the boundaries of settlements, as well as for the following long-distance and international routes.

Diverse lineup of passenger vans provides the ability to choose the appropriate option vehicle for conducting commercial activities.

The main criteria for the selection of passenger van:

  • overall length of the van: 4805-5135 mm, 4972-5339 mm, 5261-6961 mm, 4895-5370 mm
  • vehicle width: 1895мм, 1920 mm, 1928мм, 1993 mm;
  • the height of the passenger minibus: 1877-1950 mm, 1890 mm 1942 mm, 1972-2022 mm
  • wheelbase: 2925-3275 mm, 2933-3300 mm, 3200-3430 mm;
  • vehicle mass varies in the range of 1587 kg to 2820 kg;
  • the capacity of the machine, component 779-1380 kg;
  • type passenger van: front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive;
  • body shape, type of seat: swivel, transformers, front for salon, universal;
  • power, volume, and engine model: petrol or turbo-diesel;
  • material trim passenger van
  • the capacity of the trunk and fuel consumption;
  • automatic 7 gear manual transmission or 6 gear;
  • features dashboard: management and the presence of the hydraulic amplifier rack and pinion steering unit in the van.

Among the popular brands of passenger buses noted Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Citroen, Peugeot,Volkswagen and others.

The benefits of minibuses for transportation in the settlements

Passenger vans are in high demand and are not the only cars with multiple, comfortable cabins, and commercial transport. Their benefits include:

  • comfortable travel for passengers of all age groups;
  • the possibility of transformation in the cargo version and a good level of equipment;
  • no problems with installing ventilation, air conditioning;
  • the presence of seat belts;
  • high flexibility and throughput;
  • matching the price of the vehicle, the technical and operational characteristics.

Malfunctions of mechanical components of passenger vans

On malfunction in transmission operation will indicate oil leakage, vibration and noise with engine running in neutral position of the shift lever, one gear, with all gears or at the time of switching of one of them. Difficulty or impossible to switch, and jumping one, some gear is also a sign of transmission failure.

The need for replacement of spark plugs will indicate their covering of dark engine oil, the split in the wire insulation, velvety Nagar, mechanical failure and wear.

When failure of the engine drivers will notice reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption, the stop at high speed, a long its launch, the unevenness in functioning.

To check the battery health should carry out tests load – switching beam. The voltage should be no lower than 12.2 watts.
Use the provided recommendations for the purchase of a passenger bus on the portal and make the right choice on the way to provide comfortable and quality services for passenger transport.