How to check the car “hijacking”

How to check the car “hijacking”

For many of us the first thing when buying a used car “punch” a car to hijack. Can it be done yourself?

Likely to buy a stolen car is always there, regardless of age, make and model – although of course some of them are a risk. Is it possible without the help of a specialist, that is, to “punch” a car to hijack? If you mean checking its databases, then it can be done only in the Ministry of interior, if we are talking about identifying signs of theft on the machine, then in most cases the need for expertise, according to the portal autocentre. Since the eye is extremely difficult to distinguish the true numbers killed, the real title from a fake, etc.

However, there is a list of common features visible on the first sale after the theft. It is clear that most of them are savvy sellers are trying to resolve at the time of sale, but they’re people too, and that means I could be wrong. So, if you have doubts about choosing a car, look for there are signs of a recent theft:

The body

The traces of tints and plumbing work in the area of applying the VIN code on the body. Keep in mind – the experts of the registration authority or other organisations often peel the paint and etched the metal with acid near the room, but they don’t do their own paint. Deformation, scratches, stickers on the paint coating in the area of door handles and locks. Decorative moldings bad “sit” or missing. One or two glass and seals installed unevenly, have scratches, cracks on the edge. Do not match the designation of the manufacturer on the glass, controlling the numbers on them, the color and degree of factory tint. Old license plate attached with new screws (screws). The steering wheel is not locked when you remove the ignition key. Central locking closes all the locks of the car.

The cabin

In the folds of the seats, on the floor, under the mats there are shards of broken glass. A torn rubber seal. The markings of some of the manipulations under the shroud of a steering column in area of dashboard: signs of dismantling, cracks or nepalgunja plastic trim, missing screws, screws in corners of panels, unwound the screws, loose wiring, etc.

Door locks and ignition

The damaged cylinder is the secret of the castle. Keyhole loose, her body twisted, arched protective cover or bezel, there are severe scratches. Remote control is not working locking key. Loose, warped or missing steering column cover, not fixed coming from the ignition switch harness under the dashboard.

According to experts, about 2 % of the cars on the secondary market have a questionable past, so “punch” a car to hijack is worthwhile in any case. Start with a rough, noticeable flaws, and if your suspicions are dispelled – refer to specialists for examination.