How to cheat drivers for gas filling stations

How to cheat drivers for gas filling stations

What you should know and what to pay attention to.

At any petrol station you can try to cheat. If we are talking about filling the car with gas, there are nuances, writes

What is calibration and how it works

Almost all of the gas columns is mechanical flowmeter, which measures the amount pumped from the tank of gas. And the numbers on the display shows other counter – electronic. There’s a connection, but not direct, and customizable. It is easy to twist the right knobs and pumped into your tank of 0.7 liters will be shown as a quart. To the eye this difference is nearly impossible to determine, but there is a method of indirect assessment that is triggered often enough, according to the portal segodnya, citing its own


The best thing to do to arrive to the gas station with a totally empty or close to that tank. Then you can at least roughly estimate how much reset the counter. Please fill to the full, and look at the counter. The 43-litre tank can be filled not more than 37 liters, or about 85%. A torque meter can show us a number 38 or 39 – it is quite normal, or rather fit into the average theft. Therefore, this note makes no sense. But if the numbers are close to 41 and above – should be alarmed. After all, you in the balloon will fill the same 37 litres, and the pay make for 41.