How not to become the owner of stolen car

How not to become the owner of stolen car

A few simple tips on how to recognize a car that was stolen.

In order not to purchase a vehicle obtained by the seller in a fraudulent way, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

First and foremost, you need to check the so-called VIN code is semnadtsatiletny the number by which identificireba car. This code necessarily specified in the technical documents, as well as directly on the machine. From different manufacturers – the VIN number is designated in different places. Also, be sure to compare the chassis number with that indicated in the technical passport. Thus it is necessary to strictly ensure that there were no corrections, scratches or scuffs. Also it would not hurt to check the marking on the Windows machine. And in any case, seek help from professionals, not sparing extra cash, because excessive savings can result in large costs.

Be doubtful should too low cost of the car, which is significantly below market prices. In addition, always with caution should be treated to the cars that are registered in the province, but are on sale in major cities. The easiest way is to verify to law enforcement. On the official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs has a special section “vehicles wanted”. The license plate, a chassis or body to determine if a car is listed as stolen or not.

To arrange the purchase of the car only need an experienced notary with a good reputation.

Acquiring a stolen vehicle, its new owner with a large probability fall under the investigation. The police have the right to confiscate it until clarification of all circumstances. This is followed by a long litigation, which will not bring anything good, except for the time spent, nerve cells and money. So be careful when buying a used car.