How many seasons you can drive on summer tires before changing them

How many seasons you can drive on summer tires before changing them

Many, especially novice drivers, wonder how long you can last for one summer tires. How many seasons you can cover up without too much excitement on the same tires.

Economy is not Holy, but do not expose yourself and your family risk for her.

How long is rubber

In most cases, manufacturers of tires claim that they have created rubber does not lose its service properties over 10 years from the date of manufacture. For most tires there is a limit on mileage. It is an indicator of 50-60 thousand kilometers a year. After overcoming these marks further operation of the tire becomes unsafe and can cause the creation of an emergency on the road and even cause an accident.

Of course it is important to understand that first and foremost on the reliability of the clutch and the road surface is affected by the current state of the tread. It wear can occur faster or slower depending on various conditions, including the condition of the roadway, vehicle load, speed and intensity of riding, weather conditions, condition of the alignment, temperature extremes. According to statistics, in the Ukrainian conditions the tires are about 5 years old. If the motorist uses an aggressive driving style, the tires may not survive 3 years.

How to determine that it’s time to change tires

The first and most vivid evidence of the fact that rubber time to change is a significant reduction in the height of the tread. If he’s doing well to jumpers, then things are bad. For summer tires the limit value of the tread is 1.6 mm. to Help to understand the issue of tire wear to help special numbers, which are now applied to the protector. It is very important to check how evenly tires wear out.

Note: the state of the tires can help identify a variety of side issues, whether it’s the wrong tire pressure or incorrect alignment.

Second, that will indicate the need for replacement tires is the presence of any “unhealthy” signs. Cracks, bulges, any other signs of deformation indicate that it is time to think about them.

Source: Avtotema