How can you save petrol up to 40%

How can you save petrol up to 40%

In the current situation, as well as permanent price increase we are beginning to think about saving. In this article we will talk about how daily to avoid unnecessary costs of gasoline.

Before you write, how you can reduce the consumption of gasoline in the car, I want to note that each Board and individually good, but the desired result can be obtained only by using all the tips together.

For those too lazy to read given a summary chart which shows highlights on saving gas, time and therefore money:

How to save gasoline?

Get out in your car

It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness in the salon. This is necessary not only for the well-groomed appearance, but also in order not to accumulate unnecessary things. Excess Luggage increases the weight of your car and are therefore more gasoline consumed.

The aerodynamics of the car

The aerodynamics of the car helps to save fuel. To reduce the air resistance by removing from the vehicle various unnecessary details.

Air conditioning

Climate control or air conditioning to use only when necessary. According to experts, the cooling of the air in the car can increase fuel consumption by 1 l/100 km.

Check back often for tires

Not pumped up, as I need tyres not only increase the chances of accident, but also fuel consumption. In such circumstances, it increases as much as three percent.

Plan your route

Plan your trip correctly, to “not cut extra circles.” Here you may need a Navigator, it will help to build the right way with minimal cost of gasoline.

The number of revolutions per minute

If you have a car with a manual transmission. The transmission should shift a little earlier, in the area of 2500 rpm for machines that go on gasoline and 2,000 rpm for diesel engines.

Turn off the engine in traffic jams

If you hit the “big” tube, in such a situation it is best to cut the engine to avoid wasting gasoline.

Watch the road

You need to remember that emergency braking can increase fuel consumption. Care on the road will help quite significantly to save fuel.

Sometimes sit on public transport

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