Hidden features “machine” that no one knows how to use

Hidden features “machine” that no one knows how to use

Outset that in this article the term “automatic transmission” we, like most automakers in the recent times, we have in mind and hydrotransformer classic, automatic, and robotic “box”, as their design implies the presence of “steps”. About the CVT in this context to speak of, although most of them allow the driver to toggle the virtual “program” which mechanism is actually absent.

Most often, the “manual switch” gear in an automatic gearbox is perceived by the driver and is positioned by the automaker as a purely “sports” option. They say, with forced control “box” active the driver will be able to better reveal the racing potential of the machine and will be able to “do” all the neighbors downstream. In fact, paddle “petals”, or the ability to shift gears in automatic transmission with shakes joystick selector lever, not useful for this reason. But only if you know how to use them.

If we ignore the “racing” promotional shuck, and a little thought, you certainly remember several situations in which the driver can cope better with gear than the electronic “brains” of the machine. For example, when you’re going to get with the approach roads to the highway. A car rushing at a far greater rate than entering. And therefore the task of the driver of a car coming into the main stream — as quickly as possible to accelerate.

Speedily than he does, the less likely that it will hit transport, is already moving on the highway. In this situation, the transition to manual control mode transmission is justified. So the driver is able to force the KP to run in low gear at a high rpm motor, providing a more lively dynamics of your car. Although at the expense of efficiency, which mainly concerned the modern automobile “brains”.

The same arguments of the transition to manual control “automatic” it is possible to lead and, if necessary, energetic overtaking the vehicle in front on a narrow road.

Another situation in which manual control may be the best alternative to the “automatic” winter really viscous slippery road or off road or loose sand under the wheels. In such circumstances, if the CP at some point decided to switch to a higher gear, this may be enough to make the car lost control or are stuck in the mud. When the transmission is in manual mode, such a disservice from the KP excluded.

And when towing option manual gear very useful. To “box”, moving it into a higher gear, not forced the motor to idle to struggle under a heavy load, the driver should keep his momentum in the high-torque range to include in the manual mode suitable gear in “automatic” or “robot”.

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