“Future technologies”: unmanned buses taking over the cities

“Future technologies”: unmanned buses taking over the cities

In Singapore began testing public transport with Autonomous control.

Every resident of this state will be able to move around the city through innovative vehicles. Developed by 2getthere of the Netherlands, which implemented a similar project at home, as well as the operator of passenger transport, SMRT announced the imminent start of sales in Singapore unmanned buses. For the sake of the two firms created a joint venture, which will be called 2getthere Asia. The aim of the company to monitor the operation of “drones”, as well as engage their service maintenance.

The Seating capacity of each bus is 24. And in an hour and one vehicle can carry 8 million passengers.

In the United Arab Emirates, particularly in the capital Abu Dhabi, are already companies similar vehicles. However, in Singapore the automated buses are roomier, more powerful, faster and “smarter”.

That’s an unmanned public transport in the capital of the UAE: