From “Zaporozhets” make “Subrogees”

From “Zaporozhets” make “Subrogees”

The tuners decided to equip Zaporozhets 1980-ies the motor from Subaru.

Zaporozhets quite popular in the world of tuning. Often this car out interesting projects. Some of them are striking in their external revision, others – by part of the chassis, becoming the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Some of the enthusiasts decided to build Subrogees. The idea is to equip the ZAZ-968M 1982 Subaru engine – 2.0-liter aspirated EJ202. But if the experiment be successful, the “old” motor will change to a more powerful, turbocharged.

The difficulty lies in the fact that a large engine to install in a small car with rear-engined layout. But tuners that won’t stop, even despite the difficult and lengthy work. What exactly they have planned here:

Source: Car Center