From the Chevrolet Tahoe made ZIL-130

From the Chevrolet Tahoe made ZIL-130

The tuners have given Chevrolet Tahoe 5.7 appearance of the truck of the Soviet era.

It is unlikely that someone else would come up with the idea to make American SUV truck ZIL-130. However, the masters of the Atelier RotorRoad this idea came to mind and they come for your custom project.

Chevrolet Tahoe trucks got V8 power unit volume of 5.7 liters, and the “130th” ZIL shared his cabin. Body with folding Board and wood flooring is created by craftsmen from scratch.

In addition, in the vehicle, you can find elements from both “American” and Soviet ZIL. Leather seats, flap and rudder taken from a Chevrolet, the front panel is belonged to “one hundred thirtieth.”

Overall, the guys from RotorRoad turned out quite cool and stylish pickup truck. Led headlamp rim and striking alloy wheels perfectly with the black color of the body.

Unfortunately, information about the technical characteristics of a tuned truck, no. It is known that the power unit can develop a power of 250 horsepower, in addition there is automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.