From pick-up convertible Chevrolet has made the true “monster”

From pick-up convertible Chevrolet has made the true “monster”

This is the only car in the world in this way.

On the website sell unique pick-DinoSSauR Chevrolet SSR convertible that received a custom revision.

The company Chevrolet has released Chevrolet SSR 2003-2006. It was a small truck with an open top – pickup truck-convertible. Initially he was fitted with a 5.3 l engine producing 300 HP, and then – 6,0 unit with a capacity of 390 HP With a 5.3 l engine this car up to 100 km/h accelerates in 7.7 seconds.

Standard Chevrolet SSR is quite unusual, and tuned in the style of “Dinosaur” — even more so. First of all draw the attention of the front teeth. We do not know about dinosaurs, but with such teeth can be the envy of any shark.

As for yellow, it is standard for the Chevrolet SSR. This model is often produced in this exterior color.

SSR, which made DinoSSauR Chevrolet SSR, was released in 2005. It is equipped with a 6.0 l V8 engine with a power of 390 HP, which is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. He drove a total of approximately 7,5 thousand.